The CCD30-11 is a high performance CCD sensor designed as an upgrade for the CCD15-11, for use in the scientific spectroscopy instrument market. With an array of 1024 x 256, 26 ┬Ám square pixels it has an imaging area to suit most spectrometer outputs of 26.6 x 6.7 mm (1.05 x 0.26 inch).

Mission Heritage

Space Agency Mission Instrument
ESA EXOMARS Orbiter (NOMAD) Nadir and Occultation for Mars Discovery (NOMAD)


Part Number CCD30-11
Sensor Type CCD
Resolution 1024 x 255
Pixel Size 26 x 26 µm
Image Area 26.6 x 6.7 mm
Output Amp VLN Wide Band
Package CIL-20
Total Pixels 0.26 MP
Readout Noise 6 e
Wavelength Category Visible (400-700 nm)
Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)

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