Low Light Imagers

For Defense

Teledyne Imaging has both invented and developed a myriad of imaging technologies that underpin the world-class detector and imaging solutions.

Teledyne Imaging addresses low light imaging applications with a range of standard CMOS and EMCCD image sensors suitable for defense and security surveillance systems, whether for battlefield, vehicle, airborne, CCTV or security day camera’s.

With a focus on CMOS low and ultra-low noise large pixel formats imagers and single photon sensitivity Electron Multiplication CCD’s (EMCCD) Teledyne Imaging’s sensors for defense applications, whether for handheld portable systems or platform based electro-optic camera’s offer a number of key performance differentiators including:

  • Extended operation in the Near Infared (NIR)
  • Low power consumption
  • On-chip processing
  • High frame rates
  • Standard package types
Low Light CMOS Imager Quantum Efficiency

Key benefits:

  • Performance and wavelength customisation based on standard product device families
  • Up-screening programmes based on application
  • Detector through to camera level solutions
  • Ultraviolet to visible through to NIR
    • Ultra low noise technology - 1.5e- / 2.5e- read noise
    • High speed 12-16 bit programmable ADCs
    • Enhanced NIR sensitivity - 18µm epi (CMOS)
    • High resolution global shutter – up to 67Mp, 2.5 to 2.8 micron pixels
    • Front face and back side illuminated
    • Custom and standard packaging

Low Light Products

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