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Teledyne Imaging brings together the world leaders in high performance, mission critical imaging solutions. Covering the full wavelength spectrum with the full range of imaging technologies, backed by the experts and services needed to ensure your project success.

Why Teledyne Imaging?

Unmatched Heritage

The companies of Teledyne Imaging have an unmatched heritage developing imaging solutions for the world's foremost space agencies, missions and defense primes. We have 50+ years of experience partnering with leaders including NASA, ESA, JAXA and CNSA to deliver optimized sensors, engineered imaging systems, technical and consultancy services for imaging, space and defense projects.

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Unmatched Technology Portfolio

Teledyne Imaging offers space-qualified radiation tolerant, mil-spec and COTS+ imaging technology, with an extensive portfolio that includes silicon CCD and CMOS imagers as well as specialized infrared II-VI and III-V semiconductor materials including HgCdTe (MCT), InSb and InGaAs.

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Full Spectrum

Teledyne's imaging capabilities extend across the electromagnetic spectrum with world-leading solutions in X-Ray, ultraviolet, visible, near infrared (NIR), short wave infrared (SWIR), medium wave infrared (MWIR) and long (LWIR) and very long wave infrared (VLWIR) wavelengths.

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Sensor Portfolio

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Space Products

Ground-Based Astronomy Products

Defense Products

Teledyne Imaging has a full portfolio of infrared (IR) and low light sensors and cameras for any tactical or security system. The portfolio spans the most sensitive cooled and uncooled detectors, sensors, cameras and cores, coupled with smart electronics and high performance architectures.

Whether the application is situational awareness focused requiring optimum ability to detect, recognise and identify a target or threat or tactical to provide early detection and counter measure deployment, Teledyne Imaging has the technological detector or imaging solution to meet the mission and operational requirement.

  • HgCdTe (MCT) FPAs
  • Vanadium Oxide (VOx) microbolometer uncooled cameras and cores
  • Single element IR diodes from a range of detector compound semiconductors
  • European non-ITAR and non-EAR III-V semiconductor IR detectors
  • High Operating Temperature (HOT) solutions
  • IR Resonant Cavity Diodes
  • Integrated Dewer Cooler Assemblies (IDCAs)
  • Low light low noise CMOS visible sensors with increased red response
  • Low light CCD visible detectors
Teledyne Imaging's sensor capabilities enable our aerospace and defense partners to see across the spectrum, from X-Ray to Very Long Wave Infrared

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