Professional Technical Services

Access Teledyne’s industry experts, consultancy and training, product, life cycle and quality assurance.

Teledyne Imaging’s professional technical services utilises the experienced global team to find innovative ways to solve customers and industries technical and programmatic challenges.

  • Access to industry experts through Teledyne “Imaging Lab”
  • Consultancy services and training
  • Product, life cycle and quality assurance

Our range of disciplines include process design, electrical, mechanical, software, design, characterisation, test, environmental and maintenance.

Our experienced chief engineers and scientists covering a broad range of disciplines from physics to chemistry, mechanical to electronic design and astronomy to heliophysics and Earth science, drive our expertise.

Full lifecycle services for the delivery of resource supply and training, requirements capture and analysis, design definition, procurement, supply chain management verification and test.

  • Early concept definition
  • Technology development
  • Procurement consulting
  • Teledyne Imaging Lab
  • System build and test
  • Specialised test and characterisation equipment and capability provision
  • Product and Quality Assurance (PA/QA)
  • Verification, Commissioning and Maintenance Support

Teledyne Imaging’s 250+ subject matter experts have worked with and supplied solutions to the majority of all ESA’s and NASA’s space imaging mission needs as well as other prominent space agencies including JAXA.

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