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CMOS, CCD, CMOS TDI, EMCCD and infrared product platforms from Teledyne Imaging

Teledyne Imaging’s space and defense portfolio of solutions focus on performance, reliability and heritage, technological differentiators. Each part of the Teledyne imaging group brings its own unique specialisms and experience to support the full breadth of imaging technologies today.

CMOS Image Sensors

CMOS imaging sensor (CIS) product platforms have achieved significant performance gains for airborne, defense and security applications in recent years, and are now starting to find uses in low earth orbit (LEO) space missions. Teledyne Imaging has an ambitious development roadmap for space qualified and radiation tolerant CIS solutions.

With an ever-increasing CMOS portfolio, the following provides an overview of the differentiating aspects between the different CMOS technology product platforms.

CMOS Image Sensors for Space


Teledyne Imaging leads the way in high performance standard and custom Time Delay Integration (TDI) on CMOS technology having made rapid and significant gains in meeting the low noise performance of CCD based TDI technology.

TDI is used in low earth orbit satellite-based imaging for land scanning and airborne defense applications, where speed is high and light is low. Combined with CMOS sensor design innovations like backside illumination, sophisticated CMOS TDI sensor enabled instruments are bringing new possibilities to space applications.

Technology advancements that bring low noise performance to CMOS TDI include hybrid CCD-in-CMOS (charge-domain CMOS TDI) and electron multiplication CMOS (EMCMOS).

Combining new technologies in a single die and package including multispectral and hyperspectral  imaging bands brings reduced size, weight and power devices through ultra-high quantum efficiency, backside thinning, high speed read rates, low defects and advanced packaging techniques.

TDI Imagers for Space
  • Monolithic hyperspectral imagers--multiple different imaging areas on one chip
  • "Push-broom" linear and TDI sensors with X resolution to 16000+ pixels and unlimited Y resolution
  • Back side illuminated (BSI) options for maximum sensitivity and QE
  • Antireflective coatings to optimize QE
  • Radiation tolerance/hardness
  • Sophisticated packaging experience
  • High sensitivity and dynamic range
  • CCD and CMOS solutions
  • Extreme high throughput performance
  • Linear resolution to 16000+ pixels
  • Customizable pixel sizes
  • Back side illumination options


Teledyne Imaging is the world’s pre-eminent supplier of Charge Couple Device (CCD) imaging technology. Our sensors have enabled tens of thousands of discoveries in scientific fields, astronomy, planetary exploration, heliophysics and Earth science.

Our heritage dates back to 1969 and is the heart of over 250 instruments, operating from x-ray through near infrared (NIR), found in spacecraft such as the Hubble Space Telescope, Mars Rovers, solar observatories and Copernicus Earth observation Sentinel satellites.

Industry often refers to CCD technology as being-replaced by CMOS. Whilst this is true for commercial applications in the most part, Teledyne Imaging is proud to have a continued commitment to the supply of CDD image sensors for space, defense, scientific and astronomy applications and is continuing, investment in key technological advancements and the long-term operation of a world-class fab in the United Kingdom.

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  • Multi-spectral
  • X-ray UV / Visible / Infrared
  • Backthinning
  • Anti-reflective coatings
  • Very large pixel formats
  • Large pixels
  • Hi-Rho
  • Enhanced full well capacity
  • High sensitivity
  • Ultra-low noise
  • Wavelength optimisation
  • Custom packages
  • Peltier cooling

Custom Packages

Teledyne Imaging is uniquely positioned to offer innovative custom solutions to exceed your next generation requirements. With a technology portfolio covering wavelengths from X-ray to infrared, Teledyne Imaging’s custom solutions delivers solutions tuned to the most challenging applications

• Optimize performance for your applications
• Differentiate your solutions with unique features
• Integrate functionality for competitive advantage
• Reduce your time to market by leveraging our technology portfolio

Teledyne’s history in solid-state imaging reaches back to 1969, and offers world-leading products in CMOS and CCDs with a wide range of advanced capabilities.


  • CMOS and CCD design
  • NIR and IR sensors, including Microbolometers
  • Anti-reflective coatings, color and multispectral filters
  • Spectrum coverage from X-ray through deep UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR
  • Backside thinning
  • Radiation tolerance
  • Ultra high speed (100 Mpfs)
  • Ultra high resolution (100+ megapixels)
  • Wafer scale devices
  • Custom window attachment and sensor packaging for challenging environments
  • Fiber optic attachments
  • Extended environmental testing, including basic MIL-STD
  • Backside Thinning for high sensitivity and QE
  • Radiation Hardness
  • Multispectral Filters

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