Our product brands have earned their reputation as high performance benchmarks in industrial and scientific imaging through thousands of designs deployed around the world. Speed, resolution, and sensitivity are our hallmarks, as is our ability to provide superior solutions from cost-conscious standard products all the way to fully custom designs to meet our customers’ most extreme needs.

CMOS Sensors
CCD Sensors

Area Scan
  • DALSA Genie Nano
    VGA to 25 MP CMOS global shutter; up to 862 fps; 1GigE, 5GigE, Camera Link, and CXP interfaces; exclusive TurboDrive technology
  • DALSA Falcon4
    86 MP CMOS global shutter, up to 16 fps, Camera Link HS
  • Lumenera LT Series
    2 to 29 MP CMOS global shutter and CCD high performance with USB3.1 interface
Line Scan
  • DALSA Linea
    Cost effective CMOS in mono and color, GigE and CL, 2k to 16k up to 80 kHz
  • DALSA Linea ML
    Performance and value. Multiline CMOS in mono, color, and NIR. 8k and 16k up to 300 kHz with CLHS fiber optic interface
  • DALSA Piranha4
    CMOS color and multispectral, up to 8k and 200 kHz
  • DALSA Linea HS
    Incredible speed and sensitivity from charge domain CMOS TDI. 8k, 16k and 32k up to 300 kHz with CLHS fiber optic interface
  • DALSA Piranha HS
    CCD TDI, up to 12k resolution and 142 kHz
  • e2v Eliixa+
    CMOS TDI color and mono, 8k to 16k up to 200 kHz

CMOS X-Ray detectors
X-Ray generators

Sensor Arrays
Single Element Detectors
  • Judson Technologies
    InGaAs, HgCdTe, InSb, InAs, PbS, PbSe, Ge detectors for NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR

Digital Camera Link & Camera Link HS

Vision Sensors
Smart Cameras
Vision Systems

Applications, Development Kits, Utilities


Factory Automation, Quality Inspection, Identification & Logistics
Electronics & semiconductor inspection, food & beverage, transportation, and many more
Nondestructive testing, security, process monitoring

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