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Indepedent Pure-Play MEMS Foundry in the World.

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Our semiconductor services are unusual and exceptional. From consumer electronics to automobiles , optical networking equipment to biomedical “lab on chip” devices, MEMS (micro electromechanical systems) are everywhere, and Teledyne offers the #1 independent pure play MEMS foundry capability in the world. We also offer advanced system-on-chip development and packaging services for high-reliability multi-chip modules for extreme environments.

Pure-Play MEMS Foundry
  • DALSA MEMS Foundry
    World-class 200 mm fabrication, from prototype to volume production
  • Micralyne MEMS Foundry
    World-class 150 mm prototyping and fabrication in an exceptional range including non-silicon materials

High-performance, high-reliability semiconductor solutions

High performance CCD fabrication
  • e2v CCD Foundry
    150 mm CCD fabrication process with a long history of excellence. Wafer-scale, rad-hard, and backside thinning capability.


MEMS: Optical networking switches

MEMS: Microphones for consumer electronics

MEMS: Motion sensors—accelerometers, gyroscopes

MEMS: BioMEMS: “Lab on a chip”, DNA analysis

CCD: Extreme high resolution and space-qualified devices

High Reliability Chipsets: ADC, DAC, Logic, Memory for harsh environments

High Reliability Chipsets: Advanced electronics packaging services

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