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Teledyne offers a complete range of Time Delay Integration (TDI) image sensor solutions from Earth observation land scanning using traditional CCD technologies through to next generation remote sensing CMOS TDI platform product families and hyperspectral and multispectral solutions.

Teledyne offers standard and customized packaging options and designs optimized for radiation hardness and extreme environments enabling cost-effective small satellite optical payload design.

  • Visible to Near Infrared (NIR)
  • Fast readout
  • On-chip integration / functionality
  • Larger constellations
  • high temporal resolution
  • Multispectral filters
  • Advanced in image filter technology
  • >16,000 pixel resolution image sensors available
  • Own pixel size and clocking enabling optimal imaging performance for individual spectral bands
  • High sensitivity
  • Back Side Illuminated (BSI) devices (nearly 100% quantum efficiency)

Whilst improvement in CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) for space applications are allowing this technology to expand into the space domain TDI applications until now have been a challenge for CMOS due to its intrinsic operating mode. Charges are directly converted into voltage at the output of each pixel. In order to overcome this limitation, the standard approach consists of moving to digital summation whereby voltages are converted into digital values which are summed up as the scene is moving through the TDI array. Teledyne Imaging, building on its unmatched heritage in CCD TDI designs, offers charge-domain CMOS TDI, combining the noiseless summation advantages of CCD structures with the massively parallel on-chip analog-to-digital conversion of CMOS. The result: devices with the sensitivity and dynamic range of CCD with the speed and throughput of CMOS...built with our decades of experience in space-qualified designs.

Teledyne’s CMOS TDI platform benefits

  • Small pixels
  • High line rates
  • On-chip functionality
  • Digital outputs
  • Cost-effective small satellite optical payloads.

The technology will support many emerging remote sensing applications such as land use mapping, urban infrastructure, agriculture, national resource management, disaster management, maritime, security and surveillance.

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