CMOS Sensors

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Teledyne Imaging develops custom and platform product CMOS families as well as carrying out up screening of industrial devices as part of application specific COTS+ customer requirements.

Space qualified custom and COTS+ Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) imaging sensors or CMOS Imaging Sensors (CIS) have some obvious advantages over Charge Coupled Device (CCD) sensors such as lower power consumption, higher speed and much higher levels of integration is possible and also provides the opportunity to derive significant amounts of data, not just images, than their CCD counterparts.

Whilst Teledyne CCD technology is proven over many decades to be completely reliable for space applications and provides the required imaging performance, Teledyne’s CMOS technology is accumulating heritage in space everyday with image sensors currently flying in space.
Teledyne has extensive experience in CMOS design with a long heritage in industrial and scientific CMOS imaging applications and a large portfolio of IP blocs. Teledyne has more CMOS designers than CCD designers, by a factor of 20, and has delivered more than 1 million high performance CMOS devices.

Multispectral CMOS TDI

Market driven

  • Pixels from <3 to 250 µm
  • Noise floor down to < 3 e-
  • Dynamic Range up to 14 bits
  • Radiation tolerant design
  • Space programs
  • Improved NIR responsivity (HiRho)
  • Hyperspectral / Multispectral
  • High quantum efficiency

Key Technologies

  • 36 patents
  • Global Shutter
  • TDI CMOS demonstrator
  • High res thick silicon
  • Backthinning
  • 14bit ADC


Major development programs include hyperspectral, multispectral and CMOS TDI platform product families for line scanning in Earth observation and living planet applications and a CMOS general-purpose image sensor.

  • Dozens of CMOS devices currently flying in space include
  • Over a dozen on-going programs for planned space missions

Upscreening of industrial CMOS sensors

  • COTS+ approach
  • Industrial sensors are provided in screened version for space-use
  • Different level of screening depending on the customers’ needs.
  • Custom package design
  • Up screening of third party devices including quality assurance program management of other, non-imaging detector, devices and sub-systems such as electronic controls packages.
  • Characterization and radiation tolerance assessment

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