LWIR Cores & Cameras

For Defense

Teledyne Imaging LWIR solutions offer outstanding shutterless imaging performance and great flexibility in a very compact package. The microbolometer-based platform covers wavelengths from 8-14 µm and offers a variety of lenses. With VGA resolution, standard GigE interface and state of the art on-board processing features serve a wide range of uncooled defense imaging applications. 

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Thermal Vision

Calibir cameras and cores are small, light, low weight, and sensitive in thermal (8-14 µm) wavelengths. 



Powerful image processing in a compact, light package and shutterless radiometric calibration allows accurate measurement and surveillance of infrastructure objects or situations. Interfacing to a GPU or FPGA allows time critical, real time thermal object tracking.

Defense Vehicles

Multiple Calibir cameras can be networked into a synchronized, low latency camera system for enhanced situational awareness on defense vehicles--land, air, or sea.


Shutterless Operation

The Calibir camera requires no mechanical shutter for calibration, meaning instant image output and no interruption for recalibration. The image output of the Calibir camera remains stable across time and temperature range, freeing your application from the inconvenience, size, and additional complexity of mechanical shutters.

Adaptive Contrast Enhancement

The Calibir 640 features advanced image processing algorithms that adapt to the image content, optimizing contrast to show the finest details regardless of conditions or intra-scene variations. With no manual intervention required, the Calibir 640 delivers high quality images reliably, wherever and whenever you deploy it.

Wide Range of Lens Options

The Calibir 640 supports a variety of different lenses, ranging from 7.5 to 100 mm focal length. Any of the Calibir series products are supplied with lens of choice and fully calibrated over an operational range of -40 to 60 °C ambient temperature.

Export Controls

The Calibir 640 cameras are currently classified as a "Dual Use" item under Group 1 (1-6.A.3.B.4.B) of the Canada Export Control List and Category 6 (6.A.3.B.4) under the Wassennaar Arrangement on Export Control for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies. As such, the Camera is subject to export control – export authorization is required to export the Camera from Canada, whether on a permanent or temporary basis.

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