The CCD39-02 is a small frame transfer device optimised for use at high frame rates which makes it particularly suited to the tracking of point source objects. To optimise the dynamic range, the sensitivity is maximised by combining back illumination technology with large pixels and non-antibloomed architecture. The noise floor of the chip is kept low by an advanced amplifier which permits operation at 1 MHz with noise levels typical of slow-scan operation. Dark signal noise is limited by cryogenic cooling or by an optional Peltier package which is sufficient for most applications when charge dithering effects are considered.


Part Number CCD39-02
Sensor Type CCD
Resolution 80 x 80
Pixel Size 24 x 24 µm
Image Area 1.92 x 1.92 mm
Output Amp 1 x (4) VLN
Package 24-pin DIL Ceramic, 32.89 x 20.07
Total Pixels 0.01 MP
Readout Noise 3 e
Wavelength Category Ultraviolet (193-400 nm)
Visible (400-700 nm)
Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)

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