Mission Heritage

Space Agency Mission Instrument
ESA FLEX Fluorescence Imaging Spectrometer (FLORIS)


Part Number CCD325
Sensor Type CCD
Resolution 450 x 1060
Pixel Size 28 x 42 µm
Image Area 12.6 x 44.52 mm
Output Amp Standard scientific LN type - 2 stage capacitor coupled SF.
Package SiC with 2 flexi PCBs, 30 x 145 x 15.3 Not including flexis
Total Pixels 0.48 MP
Readout Noise 25 @ 1.7 MHz readout and uscing DCDS e
Wavelength Category Visible (400-700 nm)
Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)

Relevant Applications

Earth Observation Imaging and Living Planet Sciences
Earth observation for resource, disaster and ocean monitoring and land mapping


Document Type
2016 Recent Sensors Design For EO

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