Teledyne e2v offers a range of back illuminated, deep depleted, low noise CCD image sensors for use in X-ray detection at X-ray Free-Electron Laser (XFEL) facilities. These facilities produce some of the most intense electromagnetic radiations in the world which are used to investigate the microscopic world of atoms and electrons. For soft X-rays (<3000eV) Teledyne e2v’s back thinning technology, with no anti-reflection coating significantly increases the X‐ray quantum efficiency over indirect detection methods. For higher energies (X-rays between 3,000eV to 20,000eV) where indirect detection with a scintillator has normally been necessary, back illuminated HiRho CCDs can deliver high quantum efficiency for direct detection of the optical photons.


Part Number CCD292-50
Sensor Type CCD
Resolution 1024 x 512
Pixel Size 50 x 50 µm
Total Pixels 0.52 MP
Wavelength Category X-Ray (0.01-10 nm)