Teledyne Imaging's Charge Coupled Detectors (CCDs) have extensive heritage and a wide variety of formats and customized features, making Teledyne Imaging  the leading supplier of sensors for Space Science, Ground-based Astronomy, and Earth Observation applications over 40 years with an impressive record of successful deliveries to a wide range of customers. 

All Teledyne Imaging devices can be supplied partially or fully customized to fit the application and achieve the best possible system performance. Sensor design, manufacture, assembly and test are carried out in-house. Sensors can be back-illuminated for highest sensitivity, designed with very low noise, and available in multiple formats and package types. Teledyne Imaging has capabilities and vast experience in designing and delivering not only CCDs but integrated camera systems, mosaics, and focal planes.

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This catalogue presents Teledyne Imaging’s detectors with a high space technology readiness level (TRL) that are available for consideration in instrument designs for future space missions. An overview of each detector is given, along with key parameters and a description of the relevant space heritage.

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