CMOS Image Sensors

Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) imaging sensors or CMOS Imaging Sensors (CIS) have some obvious advantages over Charge Coupled Device (CCD) sensors such as lower power consumption, higher speed and much higher levels of integration, including digital data output.

Teledyne CCD technology has proven over many decades to be completely reliable for space applications; building on these achievments, Teledyne’s CMOS technology is growing every day with CMOS image sensors currently flying in space.

Teledyne has extensive experience in CMOS design with a long heritage in industrial and scientific CMOS imaging applications and a large portfolio of IP blocs. Teledyne has more CMOS designers than CCD designers, by a factor of 20, and has delivered more than 1 million high performance CMOS devices.

All Teledyne Imaging devices can be supplied partially or fully customized to fit the application and achieve the best possible system performance. Teledyne offers back-illuminated CMOS for highest sensitivity, designed with very low noise, and available in multiple formats and package types. Teledyne Imaging has capabilities and vast experience in designing and delivering integrated camera systems, mosaics, and focal planes.

Teledyne CMOS image sensor

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