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COTS+ Imaging Sensor Solutions for Space

With the continuing trend of the global sector of new aerospace companies and ventures working independently of national space agencies to develop faster and cheaper access to space and spaceflight technologies and lowering the barriers to entry to space industry, there is a need for alternative approaches to providing imaging and sensor systems capabilities in space.

Teledyne Imaging is at the forefront of this technology development and uniquely positioned to use more than 200 years of combined experience in producing high reliability devices for operation in Space.

While national space agency, government, defense and high resolution and data collection programs will continue to demand the most advanced and highest space qualified program and product assurance, there are other needs that do not demand the same level of space qualification and product assurance.

Teledyne Imaging is able to tailor its approach to space qualified imaging sensors and systems by calling upon the appropriate levels of expertise from what we refer to as the “Teledyne Imaging Lab”, providing the levels of characterization, testing, radiation hardened design and product assurance processes that are needed and appropriate for the new space requirement.

Teledyne Imaging is able to identify existing standard devices suitable for up screening for new space applications. Always looking to the future, Teledyne has also embarked on a program of product platform development of new standard devices to support the emerging trends in land scanning and Earth data collection.

Teledyne can do this because the group is underpinned with decades of experience and data to call upon to inform these decisions. This is the Teledyne approach to COTS+.


Key Advantages

  • Leverage standard device portfolio
  • COTS+ approach
  • New range of standard product platforms
  • Tailored up screening
  • Qualification suitable for commercial requirement
  • Quality and Performance you know and trust
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