The sensor has an image area having 6144 × 6160 pixels with registers at both top and bottom each with four outputs for short read-out times. The pixel size is 10 µm square. The image area has two separately connected sections to allow full-frame or split full-frame read-out modes. Depending on the mode, the read-out can be through 4 or 8 of the output circuits. A fixed-barrier dump drain is also provided to allow fast dumping of unwanted data.


Part Number CCD290-66
Sensor Type CCD
Resolution 6144 x 6160
Pixel Size 10 x 10 µm
Image Area 61.4 x 61.4 mm
Output Amp 8 x VLN
Package Aluminium Nitrade PGA, 63.8 x 79.6
Total Pixels 37.85 MP
Readout Noise 4 e
Wavelength Category Ultraviolet (193-400 nm)
Visible (400-700 nm)
Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)

Relevant Applications

Ground Astronomy
Visible and infrared image sensors that set the standard for the world's leading ground-based astronomy applications and observatories

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