Back Illuminated Hi-Rho High Performance CCD Sensor

The CCD250-82 is a split frame sensor with an image area of 4096 x 4004 pixels and 16 outputs for faster readout. Back illumination technology, in combination with an extremely low noise amplifier, makes the device well suited to the most demanding applications, such as astronomy.

‘High-rho’ technology is used to increase the thickness of the silicon to maximise the response at the infra-red end of the spectral range. The device operates in the same manner as other Teledyne Imaging sensors, but with back-substrate bias voltages to fully deplete the silicon and provide excellent PSF.

The device is supplied in a package designed to facilitate the assembly of large close-butted mosaics used at cryogenic temperatures. The design of the package ensures that it is 4 sides buttable and that the device flatness is maintained at the working temperature.

Alternate device thickness and spectral responses can be available to custom order.

Mission Heritage

Agency Mission Instrument
NASA PUNCH-1 Polarimeter to Unify the Corona and Heliosphere (PUNCH)
NASA PUNCH-2 Polarimeter to Unify the Corona and Heliosphere (PUNCH)
NASA PUNCH-3 Polarimeter to Unify the Corona and Heliosphere (PUNCH)
NASA PUNCH-4 Polarimeter to Unify the Corona and Heliosphere (PUNCH)


Part Number CCD250-82
Sensor Type CCD
Resolution 4096 x 4004
Pixel Size 10 x 10 µm
Image Area 41 x 40 mm
Output Amp 16 (very low noise)
Package Ceramic Flexi Buttable
Total Pixels 16.4 MP
Operation Full frame
Readout Noise 5.0 rms e
Quantum Efficiency
(QE @ λ = 750 nm)
Wavelength Category Visible (400-700 nm)
Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)

Relevant Applications

Space Astronomy & Space Science
Imaging technology for orbiting telescopes, observatories, and the study of the universe
Ground Astronomy
Visible and infrared image sensors that set the standard for the world's leading ground-based astronomy applications and observatories

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