Teledyne launches interactive Space showcase

Shipley, UK, July 8, 2021 — Teledyne has launched an interactive and online showcase to connect the space capabilities of Teledyne businesses across the UK.

For many years, Teledyne businesses in the UK have contributed critical technologies to the world’s interplanetary programs, from deep space missions to the latest Mars explorations, from the development of payload subsystems for communication satellites, to extremely broad-spectrum imaging sensors, and high voltage interconnects that enable space propulsion, and many more.

To convey the depth and breadth of these contributions in space, Teledyne businesses in the UK have created a virtual experience where viewers can immerse themselves in the offerings of individual businesses using only a web browser. The online interactive showcase can be found at

About Teledyne

Teledyne is a global leader in engineered and complex space solutions from enabling signal and sensing components to subsystems, manufacturing, engineering, and consultancy services.

Media Contact:

Mark Bown,
[email protected]

Published 2021-07-08
Relevance: Aerospace & Defense Teledyne e2v

Nine UK-based Teledyne companies featured in virtual display

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