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  • Teledyne e2v to continue to develop and manufacture high specification CCD image sensors
    2020/02/11 8:00 AM

    CHELMSFORD, United Kingdom , Feb. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Teledyne e2v, part of the Teledyne Imaging group, stated today that it will continue its role as a long-term partner in the development, fabrication, and supply of CCD detectors to the high science market – including space exploration, Earth observation, and ground-based scientific endeavours in the fields of microscopy, spectroscopy an…

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  • 50th Anniversary of the CCD
    2020/01/28 8:00 AM

    Teledyne e2v marks this anniversary with a series of publications and highlights how the future is bright for CCDs in space, science and other demanding applications. CHELMSFORD, UK, January 28, 2020 — From October 2019 through to January 2020 marks the 50 th   anniversary of the CCD, a device that has transformed the understanding of physics, life sciences, the Earth, our solar system and bey…

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  • CCD Imaging Technology Fuels Exoplanet Discovery for 2019 Nobel Prize for Physics win
    2019/11/10 10:48 AM

    The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the 2019 Noble Prize in Physics to James Peebles (Princeton University, USA), Michel Mayor (University of Geneva, Switzerland), and Didier Queloz, (University of Geneva, Switzerland and University of Cambridge, UK) for contributions to our understanding of the evolution of the universe and the Earth’s place in the cosmos. Half of the prize is award…

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  • Teledyne e2v wins funding to develop a quantum gravity sensor space mission
    2019/07/23 3:07 PM

    Cold Atom Gravity Explorer (CAGE), a project led by Teledyne e2v has been announced as one of ten projects to extend the UK’s leadership in Earth Observation (EO). The project will be funded by the UK Space Agency’s Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI), to develop a mission for a quantum gravity sensor for Earth observation from space. The project will explore a range of new mission…

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  • Teledyne e2v hosts kick off for the UK’s Quantum Technology Leadership Group to lead national quantum effort for industry
    2019/07/17 12:00 AM

    Teledyne e2v co-chair group to represent the industrial voice of quantum technology in the UK. Chelmsford, UK – 16 July 2019   Teledyne e2v , a Teledyne Technologies company, hosted the UK’s Quantum Technology Leadership Group (QTLG) kick off meeting. The QTLG, co-chaired by Dr. Trevor Cross, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Quantum Technologies at Teledyne e2v and Dr. Graeme Malcom OBE, C…

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  • Teledyne – Technology and Services Leaders in the UK Space Industry
    2019/06/20 12:00 AM

    Teledyne will be a Gold Sponsor of the UK Space Conference 2019 to be held at the new International Convention Centre (ICC), Wales, UK Teledyne e2v, a   Teledyne Technologies   company, will be leading the group’s support for the UK Space industry at this years   UK Space Conference , to be held in Wales,   24- 26 September 2019 . Teledyne e2v – Space Imaging Centre of Excellence, based in…

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  • Teledyne e2v Holds Successful UK Space Industry SME Forum Event
    2019/05/15 12:00 AM

    May 14th 2019 saw over 50 Small Medium Enterprise (SME) organisations based in the UK visit Teledyne’s Space Imaging Centre of Excellence in Chelmsford, Essex Teledyne e2v proudly hosted for the first time an event that brought over 50 SMEs and more than 90 delegates together including national and local stakeholders such as Essex County Council, Invest Essex, University of Essex, Innovate UK an…

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  • Teledyne e2v reaches critical milestone in ESA PLATO mission for supply of custom image sensors
    2019/05/08 12:00 AM

    First flight models successfully achieve Delivery Review with the European Space Agency. CHELMSFORD, UK, May 7, 2019 —   Teledyne e2v   is pleased to announce the completion of the first delivery milestone for the supply of their CCD Bruyères image sensors to be used in the European Space Agency’s   PLATO   Mission.  Earlier this year, the acceptance event was marked with a signing by the…

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  • European Space Agency names PLATO exoplanet hunting mission sensors in memory of Jean-Francois Bruyères
    2019/04/29 12:00 AM

    PLATO, Europe’s exoplanet hunter, will contain 26 telescopes each with four visible wavelength Teledyne e2v CCD image sensors named CCD Bruyères.   CHELMSFORD, UK, April 29, 2019 — The European Space Agency (ESA) has officially designated the CCD sensors that comprise the focal plane arrays of the 26 telescopes being supplied for ESA’s   PLATO   exoplanet hunting mission, CCD Bruyères. ESA o…

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  • Teledyne e2v releases CIS120 CMOS imaging sensor for space and harsh environments
    2019/03/26 12:00 AM

    CIS120 has an optimal specification balancing performance and price to provide an image sensor for harsh environments and space applications. CHELMSFORD, UK, March 22 2019 — Teledyne e2v, a Teledyne Technologies [NYSE: TDY] company, has released a new image sensor package, the CIS120. Samples are now available (from February 2019) along with a full test and demonstration system. This new and ant…

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