Teledyne DALSA’s IC-47-12288 image sensor combines charge domain TDI functionality on a CMOS chip, offering the best of both technologies. With on-chip clock drivers, this sensor offers a true integrated solution. This is a frontside illuminated (FSI) sensor.

The TDI CMOS image sensor includes four filtered multispectral bands and two panchromatic bands, all in a single integrated CMOS die and package. With a horizontal resolution of 3,072 for each multispectral band and 12,288 for each panchromatic band along with lateral anti-blooming (LAB), and continuous vertical clocking, the IC-47-12288 sensor guarantees exceptional images with high CTF/MTF. Resolution can be further enhanced by the ½ pixel (3.5 μm) horizontal offset of one P band. With 7μm x 7μm (P) and 28μm x 28μm (B1-B4) pixels this sensor provides extraordinary images. Focal plane arrays (FPA) are available in 24k and 36k.

The device provides selectable numbers of TDI stages (up to 128 in P panchromatic band and up to 64 in B spectral bands). 


Part Number IC-47-12288-00-R
Sensor Type CMOS
Resolution 12288 x 128
Pixel Size 7 x 7 µm
Total Pixels 1.57 MP
Wavelength Category Visible (400-700 nm)
Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)

Relevant Applications

Earth Observation Imaging and Living Planet Sciences
Earth observation for resource, disaster and ocean monitoring and land mapping

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